Developer Productivity Survey, Q1 2021
This is our latest bi-annual Developer Productivity Survey. We run it to understand *where* we should improve our tooling towards our goal of making sure that folks working here are doing the best work of their career.

This is an anonymous survey, although you're given the option to include your email address at the end if you're willing to be available for follow up questions about your answers.

If you have questions, reach out in #dev-prod
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Demographics / Cohorts
This section provides data to slice the data into meaningful cohorts (e.g. web developers versus backend developers) while still supporting folks providing anonymous responses.
What toolchain do you or your team spend the most time using? *
How many years have you worked at this company? *
What is your current role? *
These are this survey's core questions.
How many hours a week do you spend waiting on other people to conduct your job (waiting for code review, waiting for feedback on tech specs, etc)?
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How many hours a week do you spend waiting on computers to conduct your job (waiting for tests to run, waiting for build to deploy, etc)?
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Which would you prioritize improving for your primary toolchain (web, iOS, backend, etc)?
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CI/CD Velocity -- time for successful builds to complete after pull request is merged
CI/CD Stablity -- % of builds that succeed
Test Velocity -- how long it takes to run tests
Test Stability -- tests fail for good reasons, fewer flaky tests, etc
Writing Code -- process of day-to-day writing code before submitting to code review
Code Review -- getting feedback on your code before merging
Data Migrations -- changing schemas, etc
On-call rotation -- frequency of on-call, pages during on-call, etc
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Anything else to share? Expand on your answers above or raise topics that we didn't mention!
Optionally, share your email address if you're willing to answer questions about your feedback. Please be aware that this would mean we can connect your email to your answers.
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