HII Lectures: Clinical Summer Series Sign-up 2011
Hello everyone! This is a great opportunity available only to imaging initiative and BME students, and I urge you all to take advantage of it. Have fun and enjoy - Carmen (Leader for HII Lectures Committee)
What is this?
Each summer, each clinical department welcomes its new interns and 1st year fellows with a series of introductory clinical lectures throughout July and August. These lectures are previously limited to only clinical residents, but Dr. McVeigh and our committee members worked hard to make this possible.
Can I just go to one or two lectures that I find interesting?
Of course! You are free to attend how ever many lectures you desire (going to just one is perfectly fine!) but we do need a head count. Once you sign up we'll give you a complete schedule with lecture topics for each day.
How do I sign up?
Just fill in the form below! Due to resources, we are limiting participation to a maximum of 5 students per lecture per department. Priority is given to trainees and committee members, and then on a first-come, first-serve basis. So please sign up early!
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Sign up for Radiology Lectures?
Mornings, for all your imaging and anatomical needs...
Sign up for Cardiology Lectures?
Mornings, cardiac diseases + some CT/echo/cath lectures
Sign up for Ear Nose Throat lectures (otolaryngology)?
Mornings and occasionally late afternoon; endoscopy-related procedures with hands on experience!
Sign up for Neurosurgery Lectures?
Mornings, everything about brain and surgery
Sign up for Radiation Oncology Lectures?
Mornings, introductions to different cancer types, some radiation-related lectures
Sign up for Medical Oncology Lectures?
Lunch Hours, more in-depth lectures for cancer
Sign up for Pathology Lectures?
Mornings and some lunch hours, for the microscope-oriented folks
Please check if you are a TPTRI trainee (priority given)
Please let us know if you are currently a committee member/leader (priority given)
If so, please indicate the committee(s) you are involved in (Curriculum, Lectures, Networking, Compilation)
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