Educators Hall of Honor - Submission Form
Categories of Nominees:

I.     An individual educator who has made or is making an outstanding contribution to the
       field. This educator can be at the K-12 level, college level, in counseling, in
       administration, or any related education field.  The minimum amount of the
       contribution for a nominee in this category is $1,000.

II.    An individual in the community who is not considered an educator, but whose
       contribution to education is highly significant and has had or is having a significant
       impact on the field of education. The minimum amount of the contribution for a
       nominee in this category is $1,000.

III.   A group such as a school that has unusual success with student learning or a civic
       group in which a highly unusual contribution has been made to education such as the
       provision of scholarship funds for an at-risk group of students or the funding of
       scholarships that would help deserving students become educators.  The minimum
       amount of the contribution in this category is $5,000.

Criteria for nominees:

1.    Educators who have made unquestionable contributions to teaching and/or
       other educational fields and have been recognized by a school or community
       group for the contributions.

2.    Community leaders who have led others to improve education via scholarships
       for teachers/other educators, programs and/or significant funding for at-risk
       students to attend educational institutions for work that ultimately would lead
       to a diploma and/or degree and who otherwise would not be able to attend.

3.    A group whose active mission is raising funds and/or establishing programs
       to help provide education to individuals or groups who otherwise would not be
       able to further their education. Such a group might also include personnel in a
       school who have been recognized for innovative achievements in education such
       as an outstanding reading program, a peer counseling program, and/or other
       noteworthy and recognized endeavors.

The Nomination:
In the space provided below, please answer the following:

1.    Which category best describes your nominee?  Explain how your nominee meets
       the criteria for his/her category and why you nominated this person.

2.    If you are nominating a group (Category III), explain the contribution to education
       of the group in terms of its impact on education and why you nominated this
       particular group.  Give specific details, including amount of contribution the group
       has given/spread of program group developed, and so on.

3.    Biographical information on nominee, including professional organizations and other
       memberships that help the nominee be an outstanding educator, current position,
       hometown, family background, college degrees and from where, years in service,
       notable awards and honors, and other information about the nominee that the
       Hall of Honor Committee should know as it reviews this nominee's credentials.


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