Pasta for a Purpose Outside Vendor App 2020
Date: August 22, 2020
Set-Up: 12:00 PM
Doors Open: 2-6 PM
Event Address: Clio Fireman's Park, G-1170 W. Wilson Rd; Clio, Michigan 48420
Contact us at

All booths must be decorated attractively. Booth spaces are filled in order applications are received with full payment. We only permit one vendor from each company. After unloading, all vendor vehicles must be moved to the back of the parking lot to allow attendees space to park. Applicant agrees to set up and tear down during designated times, not during the show. Please bring bags for your merchandise, if needed. NO REFUNDS

The Evelynne Aimee Foundation, any helpers, and the event venue will assume no responsibility for any injury or loss or legal action or any reason to the undersigned, their helpers, or their property. The undersigned agrees to indemnity and hold harmless all above any and all set claims. If the said premises are destroyed by fire, or if any cause whatever makes it impossible to have the above show; the lease agreement will terminate and the exhibitor waives any claim for damages, including the return of the booth fee. It is the responsibility of the applicant to retain liability insurance valid from set up through take down of the show.

Vendors are requested, but not obligated to donate a product or basket for us to auction off during the inside Dinner/Silent Auction. Please have the item(s) and value ready to provide at set-up :) This is tax-deductible, as is your booth fee.
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