Personal Style and Abilities Assessment
Hello and welcome to the Royal Redeemer Personal Style and Ability Assessment. We are very glad that you have decided to take a few minutes and think about the ways in which your energy can be used in the service of others. We believe that the desire to serve others is a natural result of being connected to God and growing in faith.

"Why take this assessment?"
Great question! Have you ever tried to hit a whiffle ball with a guitar? I have. And an amazing thing works! You can hit a waffle ball with a guitar. However, if you put that same guitar in the hands of a skilled musician it will be transformed into an instrument that has the capacity to produce beautiful music. We believe that you are like that guitar. When you are put in the right environment, based on your style and abilities, God will use his love in you to serve people and grow His Kingdom in a very specific way. And when you serve the world in the way you were created, the most beautiful melodies are created.

"How will this information be used?"
Your responses will be put into an easy to read document that will be sent to the email address you provide and to Royal Redeemer. Your results will then be put into our member database for a future time when your specific style and abilities are needed to help Royal Redeemer live out her mission! Our hope is that we will be able to find meaningful ways for you to contribute to the life that we share that are also meaningful for you.

"How long will this assessment take?"
About 10 minutes. There are two sections; 1.Style 2.Abilities. Please do not feel rushed and do not overthink your responses. The best gauge of your true personality lies within your impulses. So, go with your gut and have fun!

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