Apply to be a teaching artist at Art Camp 2020
Use this form to submit your proposal for a practice you'd like to share with participants as a teaching artist at Art Camp this year, September 4-7th 2020. Maggie will do her best to respond within a month to let you know if your idea seems like a good fit for Art Camp and/or work with you to hone your vision to fit the needs of folks at Art Camp.

Teaching artists will have one to two hours during the weekend to share their practice with a small section of the group (4-8) or a larger group (15-25), depending on what fits. Teaching artists should be comfortable facilitating a space that is welcoming and accessible for all. All types of creative folk are encouraged to apply, with non-visual artists (writers, dancers, musicians...) especially needed. No formal teaching experience necessary. Teaching artists will receive a stipend for their work and attend Art Camp for free.

If you're unsure if your idea is too wacky or vague or if it will fit at Art Camp, apply anyway! Maggie is excited to hear about your vision and what you need to make it possible, and can give feedback to help you fit everyone's needs at Art Camp. Send questions to
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Art Camp is committed to prioritizing the leadership of people with marginalized identities. Use this space to list or describe any identities you hold that you wish to share. (optional)
Describe the practice you want to share! What are you imagining? How will it work? This can be as vague as a dream or as specific as a lesson plan. *
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Participants at Art Camp are diverse in age, race, sexuality, gender, ability, class, and creative background. How would you cultivate a space where everyone feels invited and able to participate in the practice you're offering? *
What would you need to make this practice possible? (Type of space, materials, size of group, amount of time, etc.)
Anything else you wish to share with Maggie to help her understand more about you and your vision?
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