DKC Summer Institute Fellowship Application 2017
A DKC Summer Institute Fellowship is a unique opportunity to both learn and teach debate. Fellows will help DKC staff run their summer debate institute. Fellows will lead discussions, judge debates, help cut evidence and serve as mentors to novice and middle school debaters. In addition to helping run the institute fellows will have the opportunity to receive advanced coaching from DKC staff in special advanced fellowship break out sessions. This is a perfect opportunity to develop leadership skills and expand your debate expertise.
What is your name?
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What school do you attend?
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What year in school are you?
Are you available 9am to 5pm July 11th - 15th?
What is your debate experience level?
Are you willing to mentor other debaters at the DKC Summer Debate Institute?
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How many rounds did you debate last year.
Approximate numbers are fine
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What arguments or debate positions do you enjoy running?
In other words whats your debate style? Tell us about you as a debater.
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What subjects or debate arguments would you like to be featured in the special fellowship break out sessions?
Tell us what you would like to lear.
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What is a working e-mail address you check regularly?
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What is a good phone number for DKC to reach you?
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