Connections Peer Leadership Recruitment
The goal of the Connections Peer Leadership program is to:

1) Explore the meaning of community and why it's important for everyone to feel that they belong to the community
2) Examine the ways in which some community members could feel left out and identify ways to support them
3) Identify what members of the school community can do to actively promote an inclusive learning environment in which human similarities and differences are respected and valued.

This program will provide our school the opportunity to communicate and reinforce our core values while giving Rivendell students a unique opportunity to lead the conversation. Connections Peer Leaders will take the leading role in facilitating activities and conversations in the classrooms after they have been trained to develop workshops.

Connections Peer Leaders will:

*Be nominated/selected by Late Sept
* have 3 days of training at a retreat, Oct 2, 7, 30th
* have weekly meetings with advisors of Connections during 4th block on Wednesdays
* have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow as individuals and make connections with others
* in teams, lead advisory activities in the spring
* have the opportunity to attend special field trips and conferences

Connections Peer leaders should:

*Demonstrate Rivendell's core values
*Have integrity
*Be respected by their peers
*Be open and willing to learn
If you would like to know more about the program, or to nominate yourself for the program, please add your name here:
What is your grade level?
Clear selection
In grades 8-12, who is someone you look up to and admire?
Why do you admire this person?
In grades 8-12, name someone demonstrates integrity and trustworthiness:
How have they done so?
In grades 8-12, name someone you see regularly helping and supporting others:
How have they done so?
In grades 8-12, name someone you have seen stand up for someone else or do the right thing even when it was difficult to do so:
How have they done so?
Name someone outside of your grade that you think a would be a good connections peer leader:
Why would this person be a good peer leader?
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