Denison Library Virtual Escape Room

This virtual escape room was created by the staff of the Ella Strong Denison library at Scripps College as part of its "Things That Go Bump In The Night" Halloween-themed programming during the Fall 2020 semester. While elements of this escape room adventure may be familiar to those affiliated with Scripps College or the Claremont Colleges, it can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages who may not have any previous association with the library, Scripps College or with Claremont, CA. All that is required is a sense of adventure and a fondness for spooky stories and dark spaces in libraries.

How to play:

- It can be done individually, or by a group.

- As we are operating under COVID-19 restrictions, if you are completing this escape room with a group composed of individuals from different households, please participate with each other via Zoom or some alternative communications platform to ensure social distancing guidelines are met to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

- If you are participating via Zoom with friends and family, you can tag us on Instagram with a screenshot of your virtual team while playing by using the hashtag #denisonlibrary, or you can also share your image in the comments section in our Facebook post.

- If you are a competitive participant, time yourself as you go through the virtual escape room and add your final elapsed time to your Instagram post or Facebook comment when you finish.

- We recommend you open this escape room in a separate browser so that you don't lose your progress when you need to click on external links as part of your attempt to solve clues to escape.

- This virtual escape room was created using Google Forms, which does not allow us to adjust the font sizes or enter italics. Thus, you may have to adjust your browser zoom settings if you find some of the text to be too small. You will also find that there are some parts of the story that mention book titles -- which should be italicized but are not due to these limitations.

- At the end of the game, be sure to click on the final "Submit" button so we can count how many people escape successfully. You will also see instructions on how to receive two Denison Library Gutenberg window stickers via U.S. mail if you would like them.

- Have fun!

Before you begin, we'd like to collect some statistical information about our escape room participants. Please check all that apply. *
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