TinyLifeNHV 2-16-20 What's our next move?
We want you to drive the next steps of this initiative. Literally putting the power in your hands should you choose to use it. Katherine finished her law school externship, but is happy to help drive home whatever the community wants to propose. Ideas have been recorded, momentum started, draft text drafted, and surveys circulated. There are a number of trajectories we can take next. So, our question for you is, what do YOU want to do next?
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Which neighborhood do you represent?
What's our next move?
If the zoning code were temporarily changed to permit development of <1,000sf eco unit bungalows, eco villages, attached/detached ADUs, what would you do?
This is the concept the draft zoning hopes to promote: bungalows centered around greenspace.
Would you be interested in seeing a pilot prove that the above concept works in New Haven?
Share your thoughts and feelings regarding this initiative, the availability/quality of affordable housing, and/or the impact of development on your personal quality of life.
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