CMSCA's Free Chess.Com Membership Account

We are thrilled to announce a potential new partnership between CMSCA and, providing our students with free Premium Membership Accounts. This exciting collaboration is part of our ongoing efforts to find valuable partnerships that benefit our students. We will look to setup an initial introductory free membership premium account for you to fully evaluate with the possibility to extend beyond (~ over $100 value), but please read below for additional details.

CMSCA and Partnership

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Scholastic Chess Association (CMSCA) is excited to announce a potential partnership with, one of the leading online platforms for chess enthusiasts around the world. This partnership aims to enhance our students' chess learning and playing experiences by offering them access to premium membership levels on

Express Your Interest

To express your interest in a membership, please complete the signup form below. We look forward to seeing how this partnership can help our students grow and excel in their chess journey!

Show Your Interest

We believe that this partnership will significantly benefit our students, offering them various tools to enhance their chess skills and enjoy the game more fully. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, there is a membership level tailored to your needs. Let's take your chess journey to the next level with CMSCA and!

Basic (Free) Membership

Every new member on starts with a Basic (free) account, which includes a wide array of features:

  • Access to the "New to Chess" lessons and one additional lesson per week.
  • Practice with three puzzles per day.
  • Play Puzzle Rush and Puzzle Battle five times on your first day, then once each per day thereafter.
  • One full game review analysis per day.
  • Unlimited chess games in all time settings (Daily, Rapid, Blitz, and Bullet).
  • Play various chess variants like 4-player chess, bughouse, and 3-check.
  • Join and create clubs, participate in tournaments, and manage your own classroom.
  • Access leaderboards, play against different computer personalities, unlock achievements, and more.
  • Browse a vast library of master games, use the opening explorer, and practice endgames.
  • Enjoy 2 vacation days per month, with a storage of up to 30 days.

Gold Membership

For those serious about improving their chess skills, the Gold membership offers:

  • No ads.
  • Unlimited access to all lessons and the extensive video library.
  • Unlimited puzzles, Puzzle Rush, and Puzzle Battle.
  • Full use of the opening explorer.
  • Access to all 100+ computer personalities.
  • Enable open enrollment in your classroom and host your own simul.
  • Manage up to 75 Daily tournaments simultaneously.
  • Unlock all drills and endgame positions.
  • Earn 3 vacation days per month, with storage for up to 60 days.
  • Automatic time-out protection for Daily games.
  • Custom flair icons.

Platinum Membership

Platinum members enjoy all the benefits of Basic and Gold accounts, plus:

  • Unlimited game review and analysis.
  • Manage up to 100 Daily tournaments at once.
  • Earn 5 vacation days per month, with storage for up to 90 days.
  • Additional custom flair icons.

Diamond Membership

Diamond is the top tier, offering the ultimate experience with all the features of Basic, Gold, and Platinum accounts, plus:

  • Unlimited game review with coach explanations on all moves.
  • Access to the Insights feature for detailed stats and data on all games.
  • Customizable analysis settings.
  • Even more custom flair icons.

Signup Form

To express your interest in a membership, please complete the signup form below. We look forward to seeing how this partnership can help our students grow and excel in their chess journey!

Feedback and Future Plans

We aim to extend this partnership beyond based on your feedback and our ability to secure additional funding through parent and corporate donations. Your input is crucial to continue providing these valuable resources for our students.

As always, CMSCA is dedicated to working hard and finding new partnerships for the benefit of our students. We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are and encourage you to take full advantage of the Chess.Com Membership Account.

Thank you for your continued support.

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