Meher Archive Collective Survey
In the interest of identifying the total scope of work to properly preserve the history of Meher Baba’s life ministry, we are reaching out to the Baba World at large to find out 1. What archival materials exist in total and 2. Who needs help in preserving the physical and digital items? Present and future researchers and historians don’t know what questions to ask if they don’t know collections exist. Sometimes the minute details of how Baba directed his lovers to action, to form centers, to talk to others in His name (or not) provide us with a unique depth of knowledge that even Meher Baba took some pains to make sure were preserved for “the record”.

Never before in human history has it been so easy to copy, organize, and duplicate entire collections on relatively small disks or to share publicly for those who want to know more about Baba’s life and ways.

Please take a moment to fill out this confidential survey so the ever-growing team of archival volunteers can prioritize preserving Baba’s legacy into the permanent record.
Do you have any archival material directly related to the life and works of Meher Baba? *
2. What kinds of items do you have?
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3. Have you taken any steps to archive these objects?
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4. Do you need any help preserving or archiving these objects?
5. Would you be interested in learning what your options are about sharing with other archives or the public?
6. Do you have any questions or concerns about the archiving process that you would like answered?
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