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In order to stay informed about the daily events of LCS, please read the Friday Folder weekly, check your teacher's website, and check our school Dynacal calendar. Additional resources are available to you on our website such as the Parent & Student Handbook, which is located on our website and was shared via Friday Folder. If you find that you have additional questions, we ask that you bring them forward to our Parent Advisory Committee or PAC.

Dr. Oliver, Mrs. Hawkswell, and members of the PAC will be meeting monthly to promote stronger communication within the LCS Community. You may submit your question here or reach out to one of our grade level reps: Jamie Daggett (K), Tara Desiano (1), Nes Montag (2), Pam Haviland (3), Tracey Hennessy (4), Alicia Carey (5), and our PTO rep Laura Kimmel. We will review all questions and submit answers through the Friday Folder.

Please respect that this is an opportunity to build communication and we ask that you submit all questions with a positive, problem-solving approach. If you have questions that pertain to your child's classroom, reach out to the teacher directly. Anything personal in nature should be handled with a phone call or email directly to your child's teacher first, then with Dr. Oliver, Mrs Hawkswell, or our school counselor, Mr. Rauschenberger.

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