FHS7v7A College Link Recruiting Questionnaire
Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out this questionnaire. Data collected from this will be added to your free student athlete profile on your school's team page at www.fhs7v7a.com/page/show/3837051-fhs7v7a-member-teams- if you or your school is a current member of the Florida High School 7v7 Association. Then the data will be distributed to College Coaches across the country via our extensive database. If you or your school is not a current member of the Florida High School 7v7 Association, then data collected from this form will be entered into our general Florida High School Prospect Database and distributed to College Coaches but a FREE student athlete profile on our site will not be created. Data is distributed to college coaches from us on a regular basis via email and in person. This is a completely FREE service to student athletes. We never charge players or parents for exposure. The annual $30 fee associated with membership to the Florida High School 7v7 Association is for 7v7 activities and insurance coverage for those activities only, as it has been since we began 6 years ago. This is a COMPLIMENTARY Service we provide and the FREE student athlete profile is an added benefit and value to being a 7v7 member in our association. If you have any questions about what we do with the data or how it is distributed, feel free to email info@fhs7v7a.com #UpGradeYourOFFSEASON
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Below we ask for your social media account profiles. These are important ways college coaches can choose to communicate with you as a recruit at certain times throughout the year. Make sure to also follow FHS7v7A College Link & FHS7v7A on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook for updates, free recruiting tips and information, and football off season information.
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