Preferred REALTOR Application
In order to be selected as the EXCLUSIVE Preferred REALTOR in your city or cities, we need you to answer the following questions in order to determine if you are one of the BEST of the BEST. We are only looking for REALTORS who exhibit integrity, honesty, good judgement, determination, strong work ethic and ability to be a BIG THINKER!
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Did you look to see if your city or cities are available? If no, do that now before you continue. If yes, what city or cities are you wanting? *
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How strong is your lead capture on your website and how soon after landing on your website must they register? *
If a REALTOR, buyer or seller found you as the Preferred REALTOR on the website, how fast would you be able to respond to their request? *
To be the EXCLUSIVE (you would be the only REALTOR for your city for LIFE), this means that no one else is listed in that city but you. Why should we pick you over all the other Realtors for this slot? *
How many other Realtors are you competing against in your market (city)?
Here is how it works: We put your website link behind your city(s) so that if any realtor is looking for a realtor to refer, you would be the only person for that city - same as buyers, sellers, investors, 2nd home, 1035 exchanges, developers etc. - any questions so far? *
You do understand that if we select you as the Preferred Realtor for your city that you would be the ONLY Realtor for that city. No one regardless of their status, production etc would be able to take that spot - it would be yours forever! *
You are the ONLY person who ever sees it because the person, client or other realtor clicks on the city (that you have secured) and it comes straight to your website - that's why we asked how strong your lead capture is on your website. Any questions on this? *
The ONE Time fee to secure your city your entire life is a one time $129 per city. How many cities would you like to secure? *
What email address would you like us to send the invoice for the one time fee of $129 Per City? *
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