We Are The University: National Student Left Conference
2018 summer conference of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
There is a new and growing force in UK universities. For too long Vice-Chancellors, market forces and the government have been decimating our education - attacking our staff, tripling our fees, cutting our support services - and all at a profit.

But as an era of marketisation and austerity begins to grind and splutter, a different education system, and a different society, is on the horizon. Last year millions of students were inspired by Corbyn’s Labour and voted for a society run in the interests of the many, not the few. A year on, the historic UCU strike and wave of student solidarity action has shifted the balance of power in Universities and demonstrated one crucial thing: we are the University.

This year also marks the fiftieth anniversary of May ‘68, when a student revolt at the prestigious University of Paris kickstarted a general strike of roughly eleven million workers. The revolt of students and workers brought the French economy to total standstill and defined an era of struggle, galvanising the rest of Europe into action and bringing it to the precipice of revolution.

Fifty years later the student movement still looks to the events of ‘68 for inspiration and courage. But how far have we come? With the National Union of Students in a state of bureaucratic disarray, the student left come together and take it on ourselves to build the future of our movement.

Hosted by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, join student activists from across the country for a weekend of discussions, workshops, socials and more. On the Sunday, we will be holding our democratic session, where will discuss our strategy for the next six months and elect our national committee.

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