Teton Valley Ranch Camp Financial Aid Application
Thank you for your interest in financial aid at Teton Valley Ranch Camp!

The TVRC Financial Aid Program was established to create opportunities for children and young adults to learn about leadership and develop outdoor skills, without regard to their family’s financial position.

Financial Aid at Teton Valley Ranch Camp is awarded yearly on the basis of need, merit and funds available. Applications are available beginning September 15 and are due by December 15 each year.

Before campers are eligible to apply for Financial Aid they must apply to Teton Valley Ranch Camp. To enroll your child, please complete the current camper application available at www.tvrcamp.org (select the Apply link in the Header) and submit it along with a $250 deposit (paid by check). Camp fills quickly, so register soon!

Returning Financial Aid recipients must have paid their balance from prior season(s) in full in order to be considered for any future Financial Aid opportunity at TVRC.

After you have completed the camper application and submitted a $250 deposit, and completed this financial aid application the following additional items must be submitted by December 15 in order for you financial aid request to be considered by the Financial Aid Committee:

-Previous 2 years’ federal tax returns

-A letter from parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to the Financial Aid Committee indicating specific financial need and helpful background information on the Financial Aid Candidate. Detailed financial information and explanation of need is critical to receiving a Financial Aid award.

-A one page essay from the Financial Aid applicant (Camper) explaining:
• Why I would like to go to Teton Valley Ranch Camp?
• What I am most excited to do at Teton Valley Ranch Camp?
• How will I bring what I learn at Teton Valley Ranch Camp back home?

-Three letters of recommendation from non-family members who are able to speak about the candidate’s character, work ethic, and ability to be a contributing member of the camp community.
• One letter should be from a school teacher that the candidate has had in a classroom recently.
• If the applicant is returning, one letter should be from a member of the TVRC seasonal staff. Current TVRC management (year-round staff ) are not eligible to write those recommendations.

Please submit these supporting documents to Teton Valley Ranch Camp at this address:

Teton Valley Ranch Camp
Attention: Financial Aid
P.O. Box 4915
Jackson, WY 83001

You may also e-mail pdf versions of these documents to Matthew McGee at mmcgee@tvrcamp.org. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns at 307.733.6122.

Financial aid award decisions will be made by March 15 and families will be notified via phone and/or e-mail.

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