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Thank you for your interest in the K-State Overwatch team. We're excited to compete in collegiate events this year and we're glad you want to compete. We'll create as many teams as needed depending on the number of participants, so we should be able to put you on a team. We wish you the best of luck during tryouts, let's kick some ass this year!
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Please include the 4-5 digit code after the battletag (ex. MemeMaster#1234)
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What rank were you in Season 1? *
We realize that rank is not everything, however, this information helps us even up scrim teams for tryouts. Rank will be a small factor in determining your final team placement.
What is the main role you wish to tryout for? *
What is the secondary role you wish to tryout for?
This can also be a role you can flex. If you only play one role that's fine. If you can play 2 roles that is fine as well. Don't feel like you have to try out for a role you aren't good at in order to look better. A really good tank player is of more value than an average DPS/Healer flex.
What heroes are you confident playing? *
How often are you available to practice per week? *
Do you have any friends you'd like to be on a team with?
If there are multiple friends you'd like to be on a team with, list them here. We'll take this into account when we are creating teams.
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