Rewilding Spirituality // WEEKEND EXPLORATION // 29 June - 1 July 2018
If you want to book the August 5-day immersion you can do so here:

It will really help us to know what you're hoping to get out of this weekend so we can respond to the needs of the group and manage expectations. Please answer the questions below - it shouldn't take long.
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Expectations - Why would you like to come on this retreat? What are you hoping to gain? *
Practise - Do you have a current spiritual practise? If so, what does it involve? (just a rough idea will do) *
Meditation - do you have a regular practise, or any experience? Would you like/need guidance? And can you bring your own meditation cushions or will you need some (do please bring if you can) *
Needs - Do you have any specific physical or mental issues or needs? (NB Accommodation is camping only, but very limited indoor space may be available for those with specific needs - please let us know if camping is a problem for you. The ground may be steep and uneven underfoot and we'll be outdoors most of the time, sometimes sitting on the ground for extended periods of time. We'll provide mats, but please let us know if any of this might be an issue for you, and/or bring something more comfortable to sit on!) *
Health - Do you have any special dietary requirements OR medical conditions we should know about to be able to take good care of you? *
Sleeping - are you happy to camp? (accommodation is camping only, though very limited indoor space may be available for those who need it) *
Emergency contact phone number - who should we call in an emergency? (not yourself or anyone else on the retreat!) *
Transport - Will you need transport to/from the train station? *
Where will you be traveling from? Can you offer a lift, or do you want to request a lift? Will you need parking space?
What donation rate can you afford? (please give what you can, and get in touch if finances are a barrier) *
Is there anything you'd like to ask?
Thanks! We'll be in touch very soon. You can pay your £50 deposit (or full payment) at
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