ADV 6th - 8th Art Elective Portfolio
Please answer these questions and upload your artwork to your Artsonia account. (Existing art students already have an account.) If you do not have an Artsonia account, please email Mrs. Stanziano at to have one created for you. You will photograph your work and log on to (This works best on a phone or tablet.) Choose LOGIN, then STUDENT. Use the code KNSM-THFJ to find ADV and your name. Upload all 4 photos into the project folder for the upcoming grade level (6th, 7th, 8th). ***Please come ask for help if you need it!!***

All art must be YOUR original work and can be from school projects and/or outside of school. Your portfolio must include these 4 required works done within the past year. Please include a short artist statement typed into Artsonia that includes the media, inspiration, and your likes/dislikes about each piece.

***Having lots of experience or being "good" at art will not determine your placement in art elective. Attitude, willingness, and work ethic are far more important. Completion of homework and maintaining a sketchbook are valuable requirements in all middle school art elective classes.***

1. A self-portrait. Created from observation. Artists should use a mirror and should spend from 30-60 minutes on this drawing.
2. A still-life drawing of at least three objects. Please look at the objects and draw from observation. I will be looking for line use, shadows to create form, and how well the student uses the page. From 30-60 minutes should be spent on this drawing.
3. A landscape drawing or painting. Must be from observation, fantasy, or science fiction. The student’s ability to create a good composition and their ability to represent depth is important. From 30-60 minutes should be spent on this drawing.
4. An additional piece of art of the student’s choice. Can be 2D or 3D.

Please submit your questionnaire and portfolio by June 30.

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