Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
An idea about a prototype portable wind turbine is studied during my thesis project of the school of Science and Engineering, University of Dundee, Scotland. This device is meant to be carried during outdoor activities by being easily assembled and disassembled in smaller parts. By taking advantage of the power offered from the wind this little turbine can charge small devices such as smartphones by plugging them directly to the generator.
This survey has been created to ask consumers a few questions regarding this product, that will be taken into consideration prior to a possible future construction of the model.
What is your age:
Are you currently a student at University?
If yes, what is your field of study?
Your answer
Have you ever seen or heard of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines? (Shown in picture below)
Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine:
Have you ever seen or heard of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines?(Shown in picture below)
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine:
Do you consider yourself as a person who enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, camping etc.)?
Do you believe that energy generation is essential during outdoor activities?
Which one do you find more aesthetically attractive out of the two designs presented below?
Which one do you find more aerodynamic out of the two designs presented below?
Which one do you believe is the most efficient out of the two designs presented below?
Do you think that combining the two already mentioned rotors would cause an increase in efficiency? (Example is shown in picture below)
A combination of both models
Please rate the following for the portable Wind-E project:
Aesthetic appeal
Not Important
Very important
Light Weight
Not Important
Very Important
Water Resistant
Not Important
Very important
Ease of Assembly/Disassembly
Not Important
Very Important
Noise Level
Not Important
Very Important
Not Important
Very Important
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!
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