commUNITY Deaf Festival 2018 - Booth
Northwest Indiana Deaf and Hard of Hearing CommUNITY is so thrilled to welcome you to our bi-annual festival! The theme is commUNITY - as to hope for unity between different worlds; different cultures regardless of what we are as humans to celebrate DIVERSITY. The NEW location will be at Munster High School, 8808 Columbia Ave, Munster, Indiana right by Interstate 94/80.

This form will help you to fill out important information to secure your booth/vendors in a BIG dome-like gym. If there is something that is missing from this form, please email at

As of right now until September 24, 2018, the cost to secure your booth is only $50. WHAT A DEAL!! The deadline for payment is on September 24, 2018. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please see links -- below for payment information.

There will be no food sales. Food demonstration is okay as long as it is not sold.

To pay for the booth, you can:
*Pay via PayPal (link:
*Send a check to NWIDHHC, 6269 Cleveland Street, Merrillville, IN 46410

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**Booth Provision: Food**
We will not allow food sales by vendors at this time; however, demonstrations and samples are allowed.
Link to PayPal on to pay $50 before 23 September 2018
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