Eugene Active 20-30 Club #920 - Travel Reimbursement Request
This form must be submitted no later than 14 days after the LAST SCHEDULED DAY of the applicable event.

All travelers who wish to receive travel reimbursement must fill out this form by the deadline. Members must have attended the actual Active 20-30 Event for which the funding was approved. For National/International Mid-Terms/Conventions, this includes the AGM/Meeting from bell-to-bell, one breakout session minimum (if held), the hands-on activity (if held on or after the first day of Convention) and a speech contest (if a Eugene #920 Member was a participant).

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National/International Mid-Terms/Conventions
The first set of questions apply only to National or International Mid-Terms and Conventions. If you attended a Region or Club event, please scroll down to the All Travelers section.
I attended the following events (assuming they occurred):
Breakout Session Name
Give the name of the most relevant Breakout Session you attended.
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Breakout Session Takeaways
List 3 of the most important things you learned from this session (please number 1, 2 and 3).
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Additional Breakout Sessions
If you would like to share anything from any additional breakout sessions you attended, do so here.
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All Travelers
List one or more takeaways from your travel event that can be shared with the Club. *
These may include ideas/insights from other Clubs, something new you learned, or an inspiration as a result of your experiences.
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Additional Information
If you would like to share anything further with the Board/Club, do so here.
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