Twelve Steps to Breakthrough: Free Courts of Heaven Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help you achieve victory over the spiritual and psychological "curses" that prevent you from living the abundant life God intends for you. Specifically, it provides a structured format for us to "come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:6). The idea of making petitions to a heavenly judge is inspired by the idea of literal heavenly courts as taught by Robert Henderson and others, but you can also use it metaphorically as an advanced Twelve Steps program for taking ground in other aspects of your life.

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1. Write a Petition *
Concisely summarize the breakthrough you are seeking from God: e.g., healing, restoration, impact, etc. Provide enough detail that a casual acquaintance would know how to pray for you. Be specific enough that a close friend could immediately determine whether or not that prayer had been answered. Don't forget to include why this is so important to you. Please note that the "throne of grace" is typically intended for addressing personal and family concerns; most intercessors recommend greater caution and training before tackling larger political or spiritual issues.
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2. Hire Jesus *
Write a prayer asking Jesus to represent you in the Courts of Heaven. Acknowledge that you are neither competent nor worthy enough to present that petition on your own.
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3. Appeal to Heaven *
Formally ask God the Father to consider your petition. Acknowledge that He is a just judge, and that you have no right to demand anything of Him. Write a prayer surrendering yourself to the mercy of the court, through the blood of Jesus.
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4. Summon Accusers *
This is the scary part. Make a "fearless moral inventory" of every reason Satan might give (real or imagined) why you do not deserve to have God grant your petition: sins, failures, limitations, lack, etc. Be bold! The goal is to get everything out in the open that might otherwise come back to haunt you.
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5. Identify Curse(s) *
Ask God (and perhaps an intercessor) to reveal the underlying curses that are powering (or perhaps concealed by) the above accusations. This may be linked to specific sins or trauma in your past or in your bloodline. Write down whatever comes to mind.
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6. Accept Judgement *
This is the hard part. Write a prayer where you agree with the accuser (Matthew 5:25) that -- apart from Jesus -- everything spoken against you is or could be true. Formally release your right to justify or defend yourself. At the same time, declare that only God (not Satan, not you) has the ultimate right to judge your case.
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7. Let Jesus Pay *
Surrender yourself to be covered the blood of Jesus. Allow Him to wash away every accusation and curse. Write down anything you see or hear from Him. If you do not feel at peace after this, you may need to go back to Step 4 or seek help from a trained intercessor.
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8. Repent of Roots *
This is the tedious part. Write down all the attitudes, beliefs, habits, and characteristics that reflected and reinforced those accusations -- and lay them on the altar before God (Romans 12:1-2). Be relentless! They may have seemed part of you, but you must put them to death in order to enter into true spiritual freedom (Romans 8:13).
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9. Return the Spoils *
This is the sad part. Identify all the ways you may have benefited from those roots: emotionally, materially, professionally, etc.. Especially at other's expense. Ask God for (and write down) a list of specific changes or amends you need to make in order to give up those benefits. Also identify who could hold you accountable for following through.
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10. Request Verdict *
This is the important part. Now that you have addressed all the demands of heaven, and silenced the accusers through the blood of Jesus, ask God the Father to grant your petition. Write down whatever you feel, hear, or see. If God does not grant your request, you may need to go back to Step 8 or consult a trained intercessor.
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11. Commission Angels *
This is the fun part. Given a favorable verdict, you now have the authority to ask angels to enact on earth what was decided in heaven. Write down precisely where His messengers need to change hearts, minds or circumstances in order for you to experience the full benefits of a successful petition.
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12. Thank God *
Celebrate! Even if you haven't yet seen the full measure of God's deliverance, write a prayer thanking Him for all He has done and is about to do. This is also a great opportunity to write personalized notes thanking individuals who have helped you along the way.
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Optional: Summarize your experience
Write a testimony of how this process impacted you, and use it to encourage others to pursue their own breakthroughs. You might also want to share it with the accountability partner you identified in Step 9. We would also love your feedback on how we could make this page more helpful to others seeking spiritual breakthrough. Also let us know if you have any questions or would like us to contact you directly.
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