Anonymous Filter Reporting
At times, a website may be automatically categorized in such a way that it is blocked when it should not be blocked.  Olympia prides itself on being a safe institution for students.  Please fill out this form in confidence that all submissions are anonymous. The appropriate building administrator and IT department will investigate all credible websites that are being blocked.
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Name of the website
Website URL (i.e. *
Brief explanation of why this site should be unblocked. *
What school do you attend? *
This is required because we have the ability to unblock a site based on school, which may need to be done in certain instances.
If there is there a teacher that you would like to recommend as a contact person for opening this website, please list them here.
Optional - Will be notified of the decision to block or unblock the site, as well as the reasoning.  Otherwise, you will need to check yourself to see if the site becomes unblocked.  If you want to know a reason, you will need to provide an individual for us to contact in order to maintain as high level of confidentiality as possible.
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