Teams Serving UPGs
Sign up here if you'd like for the UPG you are serving and your team to be adopted for weekly prayer by a prayer community in 2015.
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What group or organization are you a part of?
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Contact Name *
What's the name of the person who will serve as a contact for the prayer community that's adopting your people group?
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People Group Being Prayed For
You may list more than one, but please be as specific as possible. Eg. Taposa people in Ethiopia. Each people group will have it's own, unique prayer community
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Your Location
You can give us an address or if you prefer to be less specific for security reasons, the country or region where you're located
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This will be the primary way we contact you/you connect with your adopting prayer community
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Security Protocols or Concerns
Is security an issue? Should prayer requests not be shared broadly? Let us know how to keep you safe
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Any questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts, or prayers go here!
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