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Are you directed here from our main website's Contact Us page? Sometimes due to getting many emails to respond and with other godly services to do, we will pause the contact service.

Use this form to contact us in an emergency (urgent situation only). Otherwise, visit the Forum for answers (responses) already given -> https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers
Use BK Google (Divine search engine for BKs) to 'search anything' you want: https://www.bkgoogle.com

We always encourage you to watch our Awakening Series to get guidance on almost all life challenges. For this, please visit -> http://bit.ly/AwakeningBK OR watch on YouTube -> http://bit.ly/BkShivaniYT
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( आपका मैसेज हमे इस फॉर्म द्वारा मिल जायेगा। हम इसेका 5 से 10 दिनों में रेस्पोंद (प्रतिउत्तर) देंगे। )

Please visit and explore our Main website for everything else: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com

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