Aquila Coin Shift MIRQ to AQX
The purpose of our community is to help other communities. One of the products we offer is called "Aquila Coin Shift." It is a way for specific communities to still receive value from the coins the hold when they have been scammed by their developers.

We call it Aquila Coin Shift because it allows you to shift out of a coin that is left for dead into an active coin and community with a real mission and very active team.

This product give you the ability to receive a bonus when you send your old worthless coins to an "Aquila Coin Shift" Address for your native coin. Then depending on the amount you send, we will give you a bonus for any AQX you purchase on Cryptobridge. The bonus amount is as follows:

1-10,000 MIRQ Coins sent = 5% bonus of any AQX coins purchased
10,0001-20,000 MIRQ = 10% bonus of AQX
20,001 + MIRQ = 15% bonus of AQX

Coins must be purchased during the swap period only.
This swap period is only available from 2 Weeks after the announcement or until
100,000 bonus AQX coins have been distributed.

***Please understand that by submitting this form you are agreeing to transfer the value and ownership of your old coins to the Aquila team.

We highly recommend if you haven't already you become a member of our Discord so we can contact you with any questions. Email is listed as an option.

Follow these steps:
1. Send MIRQ to the Aquila Coin Shift MIRQ address which is
2. Sign wallet address you sent from in the message area put your new AQX wallet address
3. Purchase new coins from CryptoBridge and send them to your address
4. Fill out the form with the required information.
5. For questions or issues contact us via Discord in #Coin-Shift

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