Kinetic Fire 2019 Instructor Application
Please submit ONE application per person. Your application will be reviewed after applications have closed on January 15, 2019. You will be notified of acceptance or denial by email, by January 31, 2019.
The venue for Kinetic has changed. We no longer have cabins in which to house instructors.
The new venue is Stable Studios, located in Spencer, Indiana.
We will make some accommodations and help those long distance instructors who are unable to provide their own camping gear. Everyone else will be expected to provide their own camping gear. 5 Instructor meals will still be provided.
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Many instructors have unique products that they are involved in producing that they’d like to sell at Kinetic Fire - we absolutely want to support your products and think your role as an instructor can create a fantastic opportunity. If you do plan to vend, please make sure to do it in one of two ways: at the site of your class immediately after you teach, or at the shared backpack vending table on vendor row. This does not include products that you are a promotional representative for, or have not personally been involved in producing. If you’d like to sell items that fall into that category, please submit an application to be a vendor or backpack vendor here --> ( Do you intend to vend a unique item that you are involved in producing? *
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