Request for Access: Undergraduate "Green-Class" Facilitator Materials

Dear PTS Facilitators & Reps,

It brings us much joy to unveil this new resource for you as you plan classes and share the Traveler's teachings in your communities.

This resource, which we are calling "Green-Class" Facilitator Materials, is for current PTS Reps and solo PTS Facilitators in good standing.

What are "Green-Class" Facilitator Materials? These are all the materials for a class available in electronic format through our site. For each class we have posted in this site, you will find:
• Facilitator scripts and supplemental materials
• Audio and video files, including background music for journaling and closed-eye processes
• Student materials, handouts, e-books
• PTS registration forms you need to run a class

If you're a PTS Rep, you can use this site to review and plan potential classes for your community. If you're a solo PTS Facilitator, you can use this site to prepare for a class and even run a class with your computer and internet connection.

This form will take you a few minutes to complete. Once completed, PTS will check to ensure you are a current PTS Rep or solo PTS Facilitator. You will receive notification once you've been approved, along with instructions for how to use the site.

If you wish to continue to receive hard copies of class materials from PTS, this option is still available for you.

God bless each one of you. We love you & are grateful for all the ways you share the Traveler's teachings with our worldwide family.

In loving service,
Doreen Dietsche
PTS Co-Academic Dean