Dana Dash Innovation Study Guide
Many complex STEM projects require science skills, teams, leadership, communication, and integrity. But what do those terms mean, and how do you learn the skills?

Explore team leadership concepts using this Strategic Doing tool applied to Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon, a book about a girl genius who accidentally launches her science project to the moon. Complete this study guide to develop understanding of the shared leadership innovation process.

You can buy a copy of Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon, here:
https://elementiad.com/collections/dana-dash/products/dana-dash-the-first-girl-on-the-moon. The story is women-in-tech-empowering and science-based, but with secrets and adventure and monsters and robots and aliens and-- well, no spoilers. The main characters uncover mysteries, learn to turn their competitiveness into collaboration, and save the day using bravery, wits, friendship, and some deftly deployed scientific thinking. No damsels in distress here! It’s science and it’s fun. It’s a good book with a good message.

Pair with: examples of women in tech, examples of woman leaders, models of teams working together in difficult situations, models of problem solving and innovation, and integrity and ethics in science.

Concepts in this study guide have been inspired by the Strategic Doing community and meaningness.com.
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