1. Fill up our online reservation (LINK: To help track transactions better, we don’t accept offline (text/call/ in-person) booking requests and strictly follow a “no online form, no reservation" policy.

2. Reservation slots are strictly by the hour (9-10, 10-11, 11-12 and so forth). An event planned to start at 9:30 will have to take/ be billed for the entire 9-10 slot, for instance.

3. Wait for confirmation from PARC team. The team will inform you if your booking’s been acknowledged and raise any conflict concerns.

4. Once reservation is confirmed, proceed to make a downpayment if required. Payment balance must be paid before room use at the front desk.




1. Downpayment
- A 50% downpayment (DP) is required for reservations valued at P1,000 and above. Following a first-to-pay, first-to-be-served policy, a DP finalizes your booking and the room won’t be awarded to other groups or clients who offer to pay immediately.

2. Payment Method
- Please send all payments to our BPI Checking account.
Account Name: The Performing Arts and Recreation Center Foundation Inc.
Account Number: 4931-0062-96

- You may also pay via cash at the PARC front desk.

3. Proof of Payment/ Downpayment
- If ever payment or downpayment is made via bank deposit, please send a copy of the deposit slip to so we can confirm that your payment has been received.

4. Settle payment or (if a DP has been made) payment balance BEFORE room use.


1. Time allotment for ingress and egress should already be covered by rental duration.
2. Setups/pack-ups that extend beyond the time reserved shall be billed the full hour’s value. Please understand that there might be other users lined up to use the room during the slot after yours; as we are charging for usage of space, staying in the room outside your rental hour/s is considered billable.


1. PARC can only lend basic speakers (stationed only at the Blackbox Studio and the Main Studio) and monoblock chairs.
Upon booking, kindly note the equipment you’ll need from us (i.e. speakers, quantity of chairs)
2. If you’re bringing in equipment, props, set pieces, and the likes, kindly e-mail a detailed list to at least 2 days before your reserved date so we can issue a gate pass. We won’t allow equipment without a gate pass to be brought in or out. Everything brought in or out of our compound shall be checked by our security guard.
3. A detailed list of equipment and set up is necessary especially if you’re holding an event or if there are heavy lights and sound setups involved. We need to assess our studios’ capacity to support your tech requirements. PARC reserves the right to disallow equipment deemed unsafe (Ex. heavy equipment that our circuit breaker can’t support).


1. In case you wish to extend, full payment of the extended hours must be made BEFORE you can be allowed continued use of the room.
2. Should the room you’ve reserved be unavailable for the additional time, we’ll move you to another room of the same value. If the next available room is of a higher value, the client will have to pay the higher rate.


1. Should your group be late for whatever reason, you will still need to finish on time and be billed in full for the reserved hour/s.
2. Cancellation must be done at least 3 days before the reserved date. No show or last-minute cancellations would be charged a cancellation fee, which is equivalent to 50% of the reservation amount. If a 50% DP has been made, the amount will not be refunded. For regular clients, the amount can be added to your next reservation. Guests will be prohibited from making reservations until they pay the cancellation fee.
3. Last-minute (less than 3 days before, or on the day itself) cutting back of reservation hours is considered as partial cancellation. The guest must pay 50% of the rental amount needed for the unused hour/s. (i.e., if you rent a studio for 3 hours and decide to use just 2 hours, you would need to pay 50% of the unused 1 hour) Please understand that when we reserve space for a customer, we’re losing the opportunity to offer the space to another client.


1. Renters would be fully liable for any property or equipment damage they may cause. Payment terms shall be discussed with the PARC Operations team. The renter/s will be prohibited from making future reservations until he has paid the repair or replacement costs.
2. Renters should clean up and pack up all props, set pieces, and equipment COMPLETELY before leaving. A P2,000 overnight storage fee shall be imposed for heavy items or equipment left at the studios or rooms. Any non-PARC property left by renters in the studios or rooms will be disposed of after 1 day.
3. Our PARKING AREA is strictly for PARKING USE unless it’s rented out for an outdoor event. If you’re bringing a vehicle, kindly park your car in the proper designated spaces. Please note that our parking area allotment is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. We also don’t allow overnight parking.
4. Complex construction involving painting, welding, or other activities that may cause damage to the property is not allowed inside PARC premises.
5. The event/rehearsal organizers are responsible for overseeing group decorum to help avoid property damage.



1. Treat PARC as your home.
Let’s keep our space clean and free from damages. If you are bringing your own props, set pieces, and equipment, please pack them up as you leave the venue.
Help us create a friendly environment for artists and renters. Please dispose of your trash properly and observe proper decorum in respect of the other users.

2. Space is what PARC offers.
Please consider that PARC provides facilities with basic equipment only (speakers and chairs).

3. Keep an eye on your belongings.
The PARC Foundation will not be liable for any losses before, during, and after your use of space.

4. The PARC Team encourages mutual respect.
Our team is here to assist you with professionalism and respect. We hope that you will do the same.

5. The PARC is a vice-free area.
Smoking/vaping, drinking, drugs, and gambling are absolutely prohibited inside the PARC premises. The PARC staff has the right to give a warning or ask anyone caught breaking this rule to leave the property immediately.


By submitting the booking form, you’re confirming your agreement to comply with all our booking terms and conditions, and our PARC house rules.

For questions or queries: Please message us on our Facebook page or at 0942 281 6920.

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