Taste of the South End
Tuesday ● March 20, 2018 ● Boston Center for the Arts - Cyclorama
Restaurant Information & Day of Event Details
Please complete and submit this form on or before January 29, 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Manager of Corporate Relations, Jonathan Potvin, at (617) 450-1525 or jpotvin@aac.org.
Restaurant Information
Please answer the questions below as completely as possible with the knowledge you have at this time. If you are unsure, please enter an answer of "TBD" in the space provided so we know with whom we need to follow up. Thank You!
What is the name of your restaurant? *
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Who is the restaurant's Head Chef?
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What dish do you intend to serve?
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Social Media, Photos, & Logos
In the days and weeks leading up to Taste of the South End, we will be promoting and thanking participating restaurants on social media platforms. In order to better publicize the event and our partners, we request that restaurants provide us with a hi-res photo of their food, establishment, and/or logo for use in the campaign. Please submit all images to Jonathan Potvin at jpotvin@aac.org no later than January 29, 2018.
Do you intend to submit an image for use on social media? *
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Silent Auction Gift Certificate Donation
A major portion of the funds raised by Taste of the South End comes from the event's Silent Auction. Donating a gift certificate to the Silent Auction is a great opportunity to attract supporters of AIDS Action Committee to your establishment.
Would you like to donate a gift certificate for use in the Silent Auction? *
If you answered "YES" above, we thank you for your donation. Please indicate the value of the gift certificate below:
Electricity Needs
In the questions below, please indicate any electricity or heating needs you may have. Please note, per the Boston Fire Department, we are unable to accommodate propane burners or fryolators. In addition, please intend to bring any extension cords that you may need.
Will you need electricity? *
Approximately how many outlets will you need? *
Will any of your equipment have special voltage requirements? *
If you answered "YES" to the question above, please indicate the type of equipment and voltage requirements below: *
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Will you be using a heating device? *
If you intend to use a heating device, what type of device will you be using? *
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Please estimate the amount of ice you may need, in pounds, below. If no ice is needed, please enter an answer of "N/A". If you are unsure at this time, please enter an answer of "TBD".
How much ice will you need? *
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Service Needs
Serving utensils and dinnerware will be provided on site the day of the event. Please indicate what items you will need to serve your dish. If you are unsure, please mark the box "TBD".
What items will you need to serve your dish? *
Passes will be provided for restaurant staff to move freely in and out of the event. Please indicate below the number of credentials you will need.
How many credentials will you need? *
Thank You!
Thank you for choosing to join AIDS Action Committee for Taste of the South End 2018. This event wouldn't be possible without the incredible support of the community and restaurants like yours. We will be in touch over the coming weeks with more event details, but please feel free to get in touch with us at the contact information at the top of this page should you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at Taste of the South End!
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