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Failure and Resiliency in Leadership
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall Room 210 Workshop Presenter: Jeannine Wiercinski, Chaminade University Board of Regents.
This workshop is desinged to assist participants in understanding that every good leader has experienced failure. Participants will learn skills to "rebound" after experiencing setbacks and how to learn lessons from disappointments.
Marianist Leadership
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall Room 210. Workshop Presenter: Fr. Marty Solma, S.M. University Chaplain.
The workshop will introduce participants to the key concepts about leading from a Marianist perspective.
How Can Emotional Intelligence Help Me in Leadership?
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall, Room 210 Workshop Presenter: Elizabeth Park, Faculty member, Chaminade University Division of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Participants will learn about Emotional Intelligence and how it differs from Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Understanding Emotional Intelligence can help you to develop your leadership skills as well as motivate others to be more involved in activities you are leading.
Servant Leadership
Location: Marianist Center Conference Center, Room 002, Ching Hall/ Presenter: Ish Eustaquio, CUH class of 1988, Member, CUH Board of Regents, and Senior Department Member, Hawaii Federal State Credit Union
In this workshop you will hear how one graduate of Chaminade University puts into practice the lessons he learned inside and outside of the classroom in his everyday work as an executive of Hawaii State Federal Credit Union.
Healthy Leadership versus Toxic Leadership
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall, Room 210. Presenter: Roy Panzarella, PhD. CUH Board of Regents, and Vice-President of Alaka'ina Foundation Family of Companies.
This workshop will help you to understand how you, as a leader, can create an atmosphere where people you work with thrive and excel and how to avoid behaviors and practices that create a toxic environment.
Discover Your Talents
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall, Room 210. Presenter: Allison Jerome, Dean of Students, Chaminade University.
Using the CliftonStrengths for Students instrument, participants will learn their Top 5 strengths and how to make choices that consider their natural talents in order to thrive in school and in life after Chaminade. The presenter will assist students in understanding their strengths, how they can succeed in using those strengths, and how a student’s Signature Themes make them stand out from others with the same themes. **PLEASE NOTE: Students must register for this workshop at least two weeks before the presentation date AND complete an online assessment one week before the workshop.
Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Leadership
Location: President's Conference Room, Ching Hall Room 210. Presenter: Eva Washburn-Repollo, Associate Professor of Communications, Chaminade University.
In this workshop you will learn what it means to be a leader in different cultural settings and how to facilitate leadership groups consisting of people from different cultures.
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