Are you an African feminist economist or a woman working on economics and women's rights in Africa? We are looking for you!
Greetings from The African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET),

We are constantly working to make sure the intersection of women's rights and economic policy is not only responsive but transformative for the women of Africa. The voices and priorities of Africa's women are never in the right spaces and policies continue to lock us out and relegate us to just micro issues. This is the narrative we seek to change. As part of this journey, we are constantly looking for women on the African continent working on economic policy from a women's rights perspective. If you are one of these women or if you know anyone who is, please help us capture your / their details so we have a list of women to call on to expand the feminist economic analysis and to change the narrative on the continent. This will also be useful as we foster a community of practice that is cross-learning and cross-sharing across Africa.

This is your space, this is your opportunity to impact and to transform!

In solidarity,
Crystal Simeoni, Head of Advocacy / Economic Justice lead at FEMNET -

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