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The Side Hustle Show is a top-rated business podcast focusing on part-time business ideas and growth tactics for entrepreneurs at all stages.

The best-performing episodes are the ones that have a broad appeal (think no special skills required) and share detailed step-by-step tactics.

Episodes normally take one of two structures:
1. The "How I Built This" structure, where we walk through your journey and try and pull out the tactics listeners could apply to their own business.
2. The "Specific Marketing Strategy" structure, where you teach listeners (and me) how to get more traffic/leads/sales through a particular marketing strategy you've had success with.
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The hook is the compelling "gotta listen" factor. See the episode titles here for examples/inspiration:
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If you're comfortable sharing, how much are you making / did you make from that? *
How'd you come up with the idea to start that? *
How did you land your first customers / traffic / traction? How long did it take? *
What else is working to market your business?
What else should I know? Or perhaps better put, what else will the audience learn from you?
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