Drive-Thru Fish Fry - Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
Post-event survey for Fish Fry 2020 volunteers. This information will be collected and used to improve the overall volunteer experience at next year's event.
How would you rate your volunteer experience at Drive-Thru Fish Fry? *
Did this year's adapted version of Fish Fry meet your expectations? *
Needs improvement
Did this event meet your expectations for safety steps implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19? *
Needs improvement
Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future? *
Not interested
Very interested
In what ways can we improve the volunteer experience for Fish Fry in 2021?
Which aspects of Drive-Thru Fish Fry did you like the most?
Please share any thoughts or comments on Drive-Thru Fish Fry 2020 as a whole. Your feedback is much appreciated!
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