Identifying challenges involved in diversifying classroom and school libraries
Books in classrooms and school libraries get challenged all the time. This is, of course, stressful and time-consuming for educators to deal with. More than this, though, potentially controversial books sometimes don't even get ordered. It's not that the book has been banned, or even challenged, it's that the book is rendered invisible -- ghosted -- because it *might* stir up a fuss.

This survey is attempting to get a feel for how often this happens, and what kinds of books are more likely to be ghosted. The goal is to use this information to create proactive tools so that educators can feel supported and confident as they diversify their libraries.

As the caretakers of stories for every child, it's critical that you have creative and useful resources to help you maintain a collection of books that serves every student. Educators and students often see authors as superheroes, but in reality, the educators and readers are the *author's* superheroes. Without you, our stories wouldn't be heard, and we want to do everything we can to make sure you have the right book for the right reader at the right time. We want to do everything we can to help you change the world.

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What grade-level(s) do you serve? *
What is the general location of your school? (You can answer city, state, region, whatever you're comfortable with.) *
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Are there any topics you avoid in your school library or classroom library? *
If there ARE topics you avoid, why do you avoid them?
If you've NOT included a book in your classroom or library, what was the topic? What was the book? Why did you make this choice?
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Have you ever had a book challenged from your library or classroom?
If you HAVE had a book challenged, who initiated the challenge?
If you HAVE had a book challenged, why was the book challenged?
If you HAVE had a book challenged, did you have support from your administrators to fight the challenge?
If you HAVE had a book challenged, how did you fight the challenge?
If you HAVE had a book challenged, what was the end result?
Do you or your school have a standard way of ensuring that diverse books are available to all students? Can you explain the process?
Do you feel like administration would support you, if a book from your library or classroom was challenged?
If you do NOT think administration would support you, why?
If you're thinking about ordering tough topic books (or potentially controversial books) for your library, would you be interested in partnering with a teacher who has had experience creating a diverse library?
If you've had experience successfully putting a wide range of tough topic books in student hands, would you be willing to be a mentor to a teacher who wants to do the same?
What do you need to help you feel confident in every book choice you make for your classroom or library?
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