Release Site Application
Release Site Criteria
Property needs to be 2 acres or more, the more, the better.
No poisoning can be done on property. Many animals receive secondary poisoning from consuming the bodies of poisoned rats or mice.
There must be a year-round water source on your property or very close by.

Species Specific Criteria
Raccoons- Good raccoon habitat is mixed forests near water, though they also thrive in urban and suburban
Squirrels- Squirrels live in woodlands. Squirrels need trees. We cannot release squirrels on a property with no
Skunks- Skunks like to live in woodlands, grasslands, and even farmland.
Opossums- Opossums are suited to most places, including forest, farmland, grassland, urban and suburban
areas. They especially like being near water.

If you feel like your property meets this criteria, please fill out the below application. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 707-992-0274.

Thank you!

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Do you allow hunting on your property? *
If you have a year round stream or pond on your water, are you willing to allow Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue set traps for crawdads? *
Are you willing to collect tree branches from your property for wildlife enclosures? Commonly needed trees include willow for beavers and conifers (pine trees) for sensitive wildlife patients that need dense brush in their enclosures. *
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