Beltrami COVID-19 Support Network
Hello Beltrami Neighbors,

The Beltrami Neighborhood Council (BNC) has established this survey to organize and triage support to our Beltrami neighbors that are affected by COVID-19. Our goal is to connect folks with resources, and to provide them ourselves to the best of our ability. We are only able to support Beltrami Neighborhood residents at this time (See if you live in the Beltrami neighborhood here:

Please fill out the survey if you:
1) Are in need of support/supplies OR
2) Are able to offer support (donation of materials/volunteer time)

Please email, or call or text 612-229-8480 if you have additional questions or suggestions.
This survey was adapted from the Sheridan Neighborhood Support Network for COVID-19 Google form - thank you Sheridan Neighborhood!

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that all requests for aid/resources will be met, but that we will do our best to connect you to our available resources!

*Beltrami also has 4 Block Studios throughout the neighborhood, as well as 1 Learning Library located at Beltrami Park. Residents are encouraged to donate food and/or supplies at these locations for those in need.

Other Resources:

List of COVID-19 Resources:

Twin Cities / MN Mutual Aid Resource Google Doc:

Local / State / National COVID-19 resources:

Coronavirus Resource Kit, US wide:

All donations to the BNC during this time will go to COVID-19 relief efforts:

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