Volunteer Form for Baltimore Fae events in 2019!
We need some folks for May 11, the Baltimore Faerie Market 2019! Cast Members, Planning, Set up and decorations, Marketing, Staffing areas of the Faire, Clean up... so much to do! We might still have some room for volunteers at Baltimore Faerie Faire, too. Summer brings Mythmusica.... and October always has the Fairy Scary Ball!

Mission Statement: The Baltimore Faeries celebrate the wonders of the natural world, and all the beings that inhabit it, real and imaginary. We seek to to heal, inspire, nurture, entertain and serve our Baltimore community by creating Wonder in an urban Faerie Festival. We strive to find balance between the concrete and the dirt, the practical and the fantastic. Promoting creativity in costume, crafts, music, dance, art and attitude, Baltimore Faeries seek to create a welcoming space for young and old, dreamers and doers, artists and patrons of the arts.
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What kind of work would you like to do?
What limitations do you have? (physical, logistical, etc.)
Would you like to help plan the faires throughout the year, help plan MORE FAERIE EVENTS, or just volunteer for a day? We can continue to call on you for events like Baltimore Faeries Market, Mythmusica, etc.
Anything else you want to tell us? Passions? Favorite colors? Species of Fae? Where else you volunteer? Number of tentacles?
Interest in Volunteering at the Nighttime Fairy Balls? Only a few positions are open, but we might need you!
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