The general objective of the Greenways HERITAGE project is to develop and diversify the European tourism offer by generating new tourism products related to greenways (*) and UNESCO world heritage sites located in the vicinity of the itineraries. The FFE is a partner of this project, which is co-financed by the European Union’s COSME programme.

The overall aim of the development and diversification of this tourism offer will be achieved by extensively publicizing its appeal in order to attract more visitors and by generating an economic impact in the territories which are home to Greenways + UNESCO cultural heritage sites, and in particular for the small and medium enterprises located in their vicinity.

Another of this project’s key objectives is to promote the use of new technologies applied to greenways combined with UNESCO sites in order to provide visitors with better information and so improve their tourism experience.

(*) Greenways are communication routes reserved exclusively for non-motorised journeys, developed in an integrated manner which enhances both the environment and quality of life of the surrounding area. These routes should meet satisfactory standards of width, gradient, and surface condition to ensure that they are both user-friendly and low -risk for users of all abilities. In this respect, canal towpaths and disused railway lines are a highly suitable resource for the development of greenways.” Lille Declaration, 12 September 2000.
Greenways further information: http://www.aevv-egwa.org/greenways/

The "Greenways HERITAGE” project, coordinated by the European Greenways Association, is being developed from June 2018 to December 2019 by a consortium formed by 8 partners from 5 countries.
The purpose of this survey is to gather quantitative information from current data, the analysis and conclusions of which will show us the current situation and allow us to take better advantage of the combination of these two resources (Greenways + UNESCO Heritage) and so move forward in the planning, management and promotion of these itineraries as common destinations. It also aims to raise UNESCO Heritage site managers’ awareness of the Greenways HERITAGE project so they can improve their knowledge of greenways as a tourism resource, and encourages the inclusion of UNESCO World Heritage sites in theme-based routes linked with greenways, thereby helping us move towards sustainable tourism all over Europe. The results will also be useful for greenway promotors and managers in Europe.

The aim is also to gauge the current level of visitors to UNESCO Heritage sites near greenways in Europe, and to obtain data regarding the profile of users and aspects related to the offer, heritage, new technologies used for promotion, and aspects concerning local development and other benefits for the areas involved.

This survey is complemented by a more specific one aimed at European greenways managers and local enterprises located in the vicinity of greenways and UNESCO Heritage sites, or which operate in these territories.

FFE is the partner responsible for carrying out this survey and preparing its subsequent report. We, the European Greenways Association, would ask you to take a few minutes to fill in this questionnaire, in the knowledge that you are helping us to move forward in the enhancement of the touristic and cultural offer of European greenways combined with UNESCO Heritage sites in Europe.

Thank you for your cooperation

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