Stories of (dis)belonging in STEM - Double Shelix Podcast
Our ongoing podcast series, organized on the theme You do Belong in Science, seeks to incorporate voices from throughout the STEM community.

Thank you for telling your story of belonging - or not belonging! We look forward to sharing it on the podcast. Sharing your story will help others know that they are not alone when they feel like they don't belong. It can also help students and trainees see that yes, even tenured professors sometimes feel like they don't really belong in science.

Please feel free to keep your story/information as anonymous as you want - or not.

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Respond to whichever of the prompts moves you.... **Is there a time when you felt like you did not belong in science? What happened and how did it make you feel? **What would you say to someone who is experiencing dis-belonging? **What can the scientific community (or your school/department/professors/peers) do to help people experience belonging? *
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