Lipstick and Rage Team Application
Calling all interested in social justice and writing! Lipstick and Rage is looking to expand our team. The goal of Lipstick and Rage is to uplift the voices and work of womxn and activists. We do require some previous activism work, but no writing experience is required! Our positions are not currently paid, due to the fact that we are relatively new and do not have the capacity or ability to do so at this time, though it is something we are working towards doing in the future. We have positions open for contributors, social media leads, a fundraising lead, a marketing lead, and a design lead. More information for each position is below.

Social Media Leads: Will be responsible for writing, planning and scheduling social media features and posts. Social Media leads will also work with our founder on strategy. Will meet with our founder every two weeks.
Contributors: Will be responsible for writing an article every two weeks and maintaing good communication with the editors and founder. Will meet with our founder every two weeks.
Marketing Lead: Will be responsible for leading on strategy for networking and publicizing our work, campaigns, merch, and brand in general. Will meet with fouder every two weeks, and possibly more when necessary.
Fundraising Lead: Will be responsible for leading efforts on fundraising, planning campaigns, working with design lead on merch campaigns, and coming up with unique ideas on how to raise money in order to produce our site and brand. Will meet with our founder every two weeks, and possibly more when necessary.
Design Lead: Will be responsible for designing merch and helping to create, continually update, and manage our online store. Will also be responsible for helping to design logos for campaigns and advising on the design of our website. Will meet with founder every three weeks, and possibly more when necessary.

1. Have a strong passion for activism/advocacy and social justice.
2. Have some previous activism/advocacy experience, whether it be big or small.
3. Phone Interview following application submission.
4. Commit to one meeting every two weeks.
5. Commit to writing one article every two weeks (contributors)
6. Have consistent communication with editors and founder, regardless of role.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to share their perspectives and work with a group of bold activists. These are rolling applications, so there is no specified due date. Positions will remain open until filled.

If you have any questions, please email
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