MSIS Industry Experience Prospectus Submission
We invite you to partner with our Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program and engage our skilled student teams to tackle your business challenges using cutting-edge technologies. Together, we can create innovative solutions that benefit your organization while providing valuable experiential learning opportunities for our students, all while nurturing the next generation of IT professionals.
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Organization Name *
Please provide a brief background on your business and articulate which business opportunity or problem motivates this systems project. Please also briefly articulate how this business systems project is likely to add business value to your firm
Business Background *
Business opportunity or problem that motivates this project
If done well, how, and why is this project likely to add business value to your firm?
What are the success criteria for this project?
Proposed business-technology solution: Please provide a general description of the proposed business technology solution to be implemented in this project:
Please indicate the business unit(s) that may be affected by the proposed business system and provide the name of a person in each business unit that the student teams may contact for questions.
Is the proposed solution envisioned as a proof-of concept or a system that will be fully implemented by the sponsor? Please explain.
Provide a list of high-level business objectives that you would like the solution to address.
Key business and IT contacts
We recommend that the sponsor identify two main contacts for the student team:
(a) Business Contact: who understands the business domain of the project and
can provide inputs on business related questions and decisions
(b) IT contact: who can address IT-related questions of the student team
Business domain contact (please provide name and contact information)
IT support contact (please provide name and contact information)
Background and skills expectations about the composition of the student team (if any)
Do you have any questions or concerns?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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