OrlandoFox's "Daily Doodle" Pre-Orders! - Cartoon Network ($15USD)
This form is for taking in pre-orders for my (OrlandoFox's) Daily Doodles to be made into prints for sale/purchase! This specific form would only cater to January's theme of Cartoon Network! From original characters created for the network to characters from shows that happened to run on there at some point for some time!

-If a piece happens to get at least THREE pre-orders submitted and covered (whether by individual persons OR collectively), then a piece will be guaranteed to be made available, both online and (whenever possible) in person!

My online Etsy store can be found here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrlandoFoxDraws

-Rest assured-- should a piece not reach three orders, whether for some time or even ever, you will NOT still be expected to pay something. An invoice will not even be sent! Think of this form as an initial "reservation", as opposed to a confirmed purchase. ONLY when a piece reaches up to at least three orders will you then receive an email and invoice. :)

-PLEASE NOTE: Because of these pre-orders allowing prints to be ordered and made, there will be an initial waiting period of a week or so before I even have them to work with.

-Pieces can usually be expected to arrive within 1-2 weeks from the day it was shipped.

-Physical addresses will not be asked for until an invoice is paid.

For more bigger/higher quality views of each piece, as well as to keep up with the remainder of this month, you can see my threat for these on my Twitter! https://twitter.com/Orlando_Fox/status/1080236991302848513

Fuller details of what each section means/represents can be found as you go along the form!


Thank you so much in advance for any possible interest!
Email Address *
My means of contacting you! In order to let you know when an invoice is sent, ask for location of where we'll be sending too, as well as give an update on when we receive them in the mail and send them out.
Paypal Address *
Where I will be sending an invoice out to! [Please note that Paypal addresses look like email addresses! They are whatever you've connected your Paypal account to! They are NOT actual addresses, nor Paypal.me links.]
Selection(s)! - $15USD each *
You're allowed to select multiple at once, if wanted! Just do note, again, that each print is $15USD!
How many of each?
Whether you've selected one or multiple, let me know how many of each! Examples: "1 Courage, 1 Regular Show", "2 Underdogs, 1 Tom & Jerry", "1 Chowder", etc etc. (If nothing is said here, I will simply assume just one of each selected.)
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