2018 ACPE Member Session Proposals
Call for Proposals
Planning starts early for ACPE conferences. Our dates were set a while ago (May 2-4, 2018). Our location remains the same (The Resort at the Mountain, Welches OR). We have selected our 2018 keynoters. The next step is the Sessions ...

The ACPE Board is requesting your proposals for the May 2018 annual conference. As you think about possible topics, here is some information about our two keynoters: Clay Shirky and Seth Shostak.

Clay Shirky, NYU professor, comes from the academic world and offers a different view of networks and social software and their effects on technology and society, one that is optimistic, involves less control, and leverages crowd sources concepts. How does this fit into the K-12 ecosystem/? What can we learn from the interaction of the internet and society and apply in our school settings?

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at SETI (yes the scientific organization that has been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence since 1984) will address a topic that folks wonder about: "Is there anyone out there, and what are we going to do when we find them?" Seth is an entrepreneur in the area of science research and he reminds us that it is not doing the same thing or not doing it in the same way that gets us new knowledge.

We want this to be the best ACPE conference yet! Foundational to our success in developing a truly great conference program is your involvement as ACPE members: peers sharing their great knowledge, expertise and skills. We know you have them. ACPE is truly focused on IT professionals connecting, sharing and collaborating.

Knowing our keynoters topics, and your own work going on in your district we encourage our members to propose a topical presentation or session idea of one (or more) of the following below.

• Regular one-hour session that generally speaking is a presentation format
• Hour and Forty-five Minute Power Session that is more in depth and/or hands on
• Panel of my peers on a topic of interest from multiple perspectives
• Think Tank which is a just in time issue or topic that is currently pressing, timely and relevant
- if you submit a Think Tank, you willing to participate, take the lead by helping facilitate and moderate the discussion.

Feel free to make multiple submissions if you have more than one idea to propose.

And finally, the Board has approved an extra incentive for presenters listed in regular and power session proposals selected by January 21. Those presenters will be given registration priority as well as priority in reserving a hotel room at the resort. This incentive does not apply to Panels or Think Tanks

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Timeline for Review
The first consideration of proposals submitted will begin October 1. Initial selections and confirmations for our published schedule will be made by the Board by the third week in January. Our first published schedule will be posted on the 2018 conference website when registration opens on February 1 based on confirmations from presenters and Keynoters.

This form remain open until March 1. The Board consideration for the conference program will continue through March 15. The final conference program will be completed and published on April 1.

Any questions can be directed to jb@acpenw.org.

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