SimpleHeart - what do you expect from a simulation of electrophysiological study?

The Simple Heart computer programme is a virtual simulation of electrical activity of the heart and of and to some extent of an electrophysiological study. Simple Heart was developed as a part of my PhD. I want to share the application itself with other people interested to use it, possibly as a free-to-download solution.

The aim of this survey is to start a dialogue with future SimpleHeart users during the last stages of the application development. I want to build SimpleHeart to provide best user experience and tune it to fulfill users expectations.

I will be more than grateful for your help and participation in this dialgue.

All the best,
Piotr Podziemski
Department of Physiology, Maastricht University &
Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

PS. At the end of the survey there is a free space of any comment you would like to add.

For PL version:
1. Would you use a simulation of electrophysiological study on a virtual model of electrical activity of the heart? *
No, never
Yes, definitely
2. If yes - you would use SimpleHeart for: *
3. What features would be the most interesting for you? *
4. In which anatomical model you would be interested?
5. How would you like to interact with the model
6. What type of arrythmias/conditions you would study in Simple Heart?
I would like to be informed, when the simulation will be ready on following e-mail address:
7. I am:
Short information on your background:
Additional comments:
This is additional space for your additional comments, suggestions and ideas
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