Life Insurance Needs Analysis
This short questionnaire will help you to determine your insurance needs. I firmly believe that insurance should exist to solve a specific problem. Making sure you have the right amount is important to ensure you don't pay too much for your insurance - or have too little coverage when you need it most. Expect it to take you about 15-20 minutes. Keep in mind that numbers don't have to be exact - just in the ballpark.

In marriage/partner situations, you should each answer this individually. Insurance needs can differ significantly. (ie: single income family where the primary income earner supports a spouse raising their children - each spouse's death will have a different financial impact.)

Don't get too stressed about your answers. They are never set in stone. You can even go back after and modify them if you change your mind. I also revisit this tool every few years with my clients to keep up with the changes they experience throughout life.

Once you have answered and submitted the questions, I will compile the information into a customized report - reviewing your insurance needs as YOU determined them. I will also include a quote from all the insurers in Canada to get you started. After you see the report, I can make adjustments in a snap so you can tailor your plan to be exactly what you need.

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