UKSHA Alumni Survey
Hello! Thank you for helping us build our network of former co-op members! We are excited to connect with you, hear your stories, and keep you updated about what has been going on with the communities at Sunflower House, Olive House, and Ad Astra.

Please answer the questions below and let us know how you would like to stay connected with the UKSHA housing cooperatives.

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Are you interested in staying updated about our current projects, future events, and other UKSHA happenings? *
Which of these events would you be interested in participating in, if UKSHA were to hold them?
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Tell us your stories! We are interested in learning about our co-ops' histories. Please share any stories, memories, or anything else from your time living in the co-ops. (If you have photos of any of our houses or alumni, please email them to
Are there other former co-op members you are still in contact with? You can help us connect to them by entering their email addresses below or by sending them the link to this survey:
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